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I joined LeadsLeap because one of my team members in another business said he had a sale come in thru one little ad at LeadsLeap worth a commission of over $1,800. That was all I needed to hear! Since then I’ve had lots of signups for many of my offers, AND I’ve found it very easy to get many signups for LeadsLeap who also upgrade quickly here!

Within 2 weeks, I received 2 upgraded signups for a business I only promote thru one of my Pro ads in LeadsLeap. The Pro membership is truly an effortless advertising system that really works!

Katheen VanBeekom ,

I have been marketing online for over 17 years seen all. Never seen a site that brings traffic like Niagara Falls (where I live). All what marketers need are under one roof. Kenneth has done an amazing job and moreover has been very friendly and helpful to respond to all my requests in a very timely fashion. Congratulations Kenneth and all members who have seen the value behind LeadsLeap.

Magdi Mikhail , Click Here and Join Free!

I want to say something – I have already received a dozen signups in less than a week. Compare that with wasting thousands of credits on other exchanges and mailers, LeadsLeap is the winner.


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Quick payment and a GREAT source of traffic, I used LeadsLeap to promote my website and found it a perfect way to bring in referrals from external sources.

Brian Jones ,

The Real Tracker is awesome and super easy to use, the other day I buy a solo ads and use the real tracker, when the solo ad start, the tracker manage to record that only 11 real people was visiting my website, the other leads was bad quality and spend less than 5 second in my site. I manage to talk with the solo ads seller and he return my money, so use the real tracker, to start receiving real visitor to you website.

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Rafael Ferreras Castillo ,

There is great value at LeadsLeap for anyone wanting to learn how to generate the traffic they need and getting access to the tools they need in order to do so. Thank you!

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Rui Santos ,

I’m just really flabbergasted by the LeadsLeap system and everything of so much value that Kenneth offers here. I’ve NEVER found a website on the entire web that even is half-way comparable in value.

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Gary Jordan ,

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Leads Leap as Traffic & leads generating system is something I dreamed to happen one day and now is real and true specially in version 2.0.

Adel Elassy ,

Thank you Kenneth for all these free stuff you provide this is one of the most awesome website online. Please keep up the good work and I wish you all the best for years to come.

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Cabot Smith ,

I have been a member of for several years. I have always enjoyed quality traffic from their system . What an AWESOME program!

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Paul Smets ,

I can only compare LeadsLeap as free super store where you can grab all the quality materials you just need to improve your online business. The advertisement is just like magic.

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I’ve been a member of LeadsLeap since the beginning! LeadsLeap works… it has brought me new member commissions constantly as well as affiliate commissions from my ads. So I’m Super Stoked about LeadsLeap 2.0! I could talk all day about all the tools we have available here too. People have NO IDEA how far you have come for us and I think it’s only appropriate to Thank You once again Kenneth! I’m excited and honored to be a part of LeadsLeap 2.0!

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Chad Flick ,

LeadsLeap works great for me. When I post I always get results from my offers. So, I would recommend LeadsLeap to everyone.

Herman Smith

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I have been online marketing for several years and found that LeadsLeap was one of the most generous when it came to affiliate commissions. They pay a whooping 50% and it’s residual even for FREE members. They also deliver a higher quality of traffic and the process is all automated. I love LeadsLeap.

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Jason Descheneaux ,

I’ve been in internet marketing for a few years, and getting traffic has been my weak point. I can see a lot of good things happening as a result of my membership with LeadsLeap. This is a no brainer!

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Samuel Garfield

Leadsleap is a great site that works. The system works and I recommend it highly. Thank you Kenneth for all you do.

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Terri Pattio

Joined LeadsLeap one day ago. I brought in 17 referrals and 2 paid members that brought me a nice commission. Not bad for a start. I’ll get easily 100 referrals before the end of the week. Great viral list building system. Just what I needed.

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Carolina ,

I am very impressed with the new leadsleap (version 2.0). It comes with lots of attractive features, and these will make it easier for the members to make more money, build their downlines more easily, and get more traffic to their sites. I would like to see this version continue for a long time.

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Shouvik Mazumder

I put in a withdrawal request this afternoon, and the money is already in my Paypal account! Thank you admin!

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Juliane Jackson

I received payment $37.61 from I am happy.

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Venkatesh Amirthalingam

Thanks Kenneth, for prompt payment of my commissions!

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Greg Neale ,

This is a program I have been looking for a long long time. I’m not going to waste my time any more. I’ll stick to LeadsLeap forever.

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This website is great. I cant believe how much information they give away for free. The owner of this site has something very special here. I love this community and all of the members here want to see you make money.

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Thoroughly impressed with the progress, improvements and value being offered here at LeadsLeap. Great stuff Kenneth.

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Brian Francis ,

As more people look to secure their future, the system they use is more important than the product they sell. LeadsLeap has the tools and know how to help many more people succeed.

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Its a great opportunity to get started with LeadsLeap. Very powerful tools at your disposal to get numerous traffic signups.

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Simon De Vos ,

LeadsLeap is full of great tools, the new tracker system is easy to use and is one of the best. To get the most out of the total system I can highly recommend people upgrade to Pro and build their own business. The future starts now, LeadsLeap is one company truly helping people achieve their goals with running their own Home Based Business. Thank you so much.

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Brett Norris

LeadsLeap is an awesome program that has already paid me: Paid To Date $1570.37. As well as getting me a constant flow of leads and new members from advertising that is second to none. Kenneth you are a genius and have created the best program here. Thank you and keep up the good work

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Paul Warren ,

I can see wonderful prospects from LeadsLeap’s strategic approach to internet marketing. Though I am a new entrant into the game, I am learning quite fast and gaining from the nice and easy newsletters and publications of LeadsLeap. Please keep up with the good work and hold our weak hands as you pull us along towards success. Thank you very much.

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Dalyop Fom

I love using LeadsLeap and all it has to offer. I’m new to this I did get some leads. Just signed up, keep up the good work and keep giving us something new.

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Joined LeadsLeap a week ago, 287 visitors to my website and already referred 7 people, initial response is this is going to be perfect.

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Awesome system here at LeadsLeap. Highly recommend for anyone looking to expand their marketing efforts. I just joined and already a new referral. Cool.

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James Stimpson

I tried PopupXpert and I love it. My subscription rate went up 20%. Thank you guys for such a wonderful tool.

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Helio Tavares ,

I am new to LeadsLeap! I joined in February 2015. I am learning and absorbing LOTS of valuable information here and I already Know this is an Incredible Resource for Marketers! Two Thumbs Way Up!!!

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Robert Russell

Wow Kenneth!!! I’ve NEVER seen such outstanding work on everything you do to help us marketers! With LeadsLeap, all the rest might as well shut down! You guys RULE, and I’m proud to be a member and have your widget on my website! I’m just in AWE!!!! Thanks again, Kenneth for all you do as I’m still learning!!!

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Gary Jordan , ExplodeCash.Com

I’ve used LeadsLeap for a few years now and love what it is doing online.

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James Reilly ,

Innovation is the key to LeadsLeap’s success, the fact that building yourself a list is every marketers desire, the email equation is the real winning benefit of the system. The fact that your email will not be flooded with other marketers emails makes LeadsLeap very attractive and different. Also, once you dive into the system all of the awesome features of the program really let you know that this is absolutely a totally different and highly powerful…

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Gregory Osborne ,

LeadsLeap is an amazing service with great value for it’s users. I am absolutely convinced that LeadsLeap is one of the best & most unique lead generation & advertising resource, that’s a must for every internet marketer, irrespective of the kind of online business he/she is in.You always offer such good advice and value through LeadsLeap! LeadsLeap has been giving me similar excellent results also.This is one of the best cooperative network to get lots of traffic to gain prominence and more income.

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Susan Jones ,

Wow, sure sounds like a very good system you’ve got going here now. I’ve been a member since god knows when.. hahaha.. Somehow, this just slipped down the line. Until a few weeks back when I came upon an email (I think) about LeadsLeap once again. Decided to check things out.. my my.. think I will spend a bit more time in here every day to check things out.. and try them out one at a time.. Thumbs Up to ya!

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Hadee Roslan ,

I love the community and immense value offered in LeadsLeap! Thank you for all!

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Erik Trujillo ,

All I can say is WOW WOW WOW, LeadsLeap is truly a internet marketing beast! Absolutely anyone marketing online needs to take some time and check out the unbelievable system that is available FREE of charge. LeadsLeap provides Instant income plus powerful marketing tools and resources that will get your business exposed to millions on a daily basis. Don’t hesitate! Join this breakthrough marketing system ASAP!

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Gregory Osborne ,

PopupXpert is definitely a tool that I will leverage on to build my email list. Thank you very much. On my first try, I can feel that it is already easy to use.

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Ben Young ,

I really like what you’re doing here Kenneth. It really shows your dedication to your program as well as your members. With all the scams and fly-by-night programs on the Internet, LeadsLeap has truly stood the test of time. The new changes which allows all members the ability to make money is what I like most. It evens out the playing field and makes everyone a WINNER!-)

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Rich ,

I love it! Its nice to see one of the best advertising platforms launching a great new version! Will definitely be promoting this!

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Mellisa Louise ,

I just love the system. Never seen before. I’m sure this is a great way how to give higher traffic and conversions to the advertisers and high value to the time spent by viewers. I am absolutely in! Congratulations Kenneth, this is just genius idea.

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Ladislav Smrtnik ,

I certainly like simple things and this site started earning me money in the first 15 minutes.

Not a fortune but as it was promised they came through.

This group have formed a system for everyone to prosper with just a little effort.

Rare things still happen.

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Bob Morton

Kenneth, I’m really loving LeadsLeap…

It’s converting like crazy!

I’ve never seen any affiliate program make me so much money from free referrals.

And the advertising service is GENIUS! You are really onto something here.

Making money online doesn’t get any easier than this… PERIOD.

Anyone not joining LeadsLeap right now is just plain nuts.

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Juan-Pablo Cangas ,

LeadsLeap is one of the best traffic avalanche that you can use for any of your  website. This is so simple and easy to use to improve your ongoing any business online that gives real results.

What are you waiting for, join now and see you on top.

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Bernie Cadiz

This is a very slow learning but this will get me to a good start of helping someone else.

If I can do this, anyone can.

LeadsLeap is helping me to do the business.

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Mary Bardo

I started off kind of slow, but I found that the rebrandable strategy report to be the most effective, which is my favorite referral tool btw.

This benefits the novice marketer BIG TIME. I don’t know of ANY program who lets you rebrand a report, let you upload it to their server, and they give you your own special URL for the splash page AND the pdf report. Most of the time you rebrand and upload to your own server.

The viral blog is an added bonus to what’s already available here to us. The info is genuine and useful. I’m proud to be a part in LeadsLeap.

Thanks Ken!

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Chad Flick ,

I’ve been really enjoying and benefiting from LeadsLeap.

I think this is the first traffic generating program that I can honestly say I enjoy.

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Lee ,

Just wanna thank you for the many things that you have taught me since the day I became a member of LeadsLeap.

You are always instilling in me many different kinds of ways to make a living on the internet.

And of cos, these advice and help that you have given me are having a tremendous impact on my life now.

Once again, Thank You!

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Terrence Tang

Just signed for your program.

One of the best informative I have come across and explains it all so well.

Many thanks especially for the newbies. Thanks.

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Stuart Wood , Christchurch, New Zealand

I just wanted to thank you so much for your prime example of a marketing role we all should copy. your optin squeeze pages have contributed much to my bottom line.

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Ed Eliesen

Out of all the so called lead generating systems I’ve tried this is one of the only one I’m making money with right out of the gate.

Right now it pays for my membership here at LeadsLeap, I am very happy with the LeadsLeap system it does just what it says it will do and that’s a fact.

I’d like to say to all of you who have not yet started, you urgently need to check this out because now that I’ve had the chance to upgrade it will double my efforts.

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Richard & Cheryl ,

What I really like about LeadsLeap is Mr.Kenneth sure know how to write a helpful article for newbie in the internet marketing just like myself which I found very rare in the internet.

I enjoy each one of your letter.thanks, Mr.Kenneth.

It’s been a great program for us here in Indonesia, your neighbour! Thank you!”

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Didit Widiarto ,

Thank you so much I look forward to your newsletters, they are always full of helpful hints and workable strategies.

You seem to explain the same things we hear and are bombarded with daily, but in such a manner that they sink in and are quite doable.

Thank you once again for your down to earth explanations and I look forward to receiving the next newsletter.

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Michele Davis-Lang

I really like your newsletter. Good information, good links and I have all my stats on the page. Easy to follow my account.

In the newsletter of January 23th I noted a point that really help me. I was wondering if it would be better to go for e-book or affiliate program likes yours. In my guts I thought the second was better and your newsletter says the same thing.

Thanks. Now I know were to put my energy to begin my career in internet marketing.

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In regards to the newsletters from LeadsLeap, I find them to be the most rewarding information and I encourage everyone to read through each and every one. Top to Bottom…

Getting credits for clicking on adverts is not only a tremendous bonus but I find these ads are very interesting in themselves.

I often click on a lot more than I should but I figure the people who have taken their time to promote either their own business, website or affiliate products deserve to have these sites seen.

I would just like to say that I really look forward to these newsletters in my inbox everyday.

Also its such a pleasure to be a part of LeadsLeap.

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Karen ,

I like the newsletter’s design, its use of fonts and the way that the information flows.

But what I especially like about it is its total lack of Hype.

I’ve read many newsletters from so-called experts and they usually scream at you about your network marketing stupidity: which of course will be cure when you pay them each month for their great advice.

Your newsletter is refreshing.

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I like your program especially when I witness how responsive your program is – I have people joining in.

On the other hand, I reviewed some programs you recommended and found they are good quality and I am trying some of them.

Keep on with the good work.

Thank you.

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Patience Wang

This is a very informative newsletter.

The articles are good, links to click are handy and it also shows where we stand in referrals without logging in when things get busy.

Great job.

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Lynda Burns

Thanks Kenneth for the bonus and the newsletter is very good. I want to sit and read each site or event. Great Newsletter.

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Val Clarkson

That’s exactly what my heart says which the limits of my tongue may hide.

I really like and admire your newsletters. They cause me to dream more!

I am interested in making partial income for myself by doing internet marketing, either thru affiliate programs or designing a product to sell, and you are touching me at that very spot!

I am a very very fresh newbie in this thing plus disadvantaged by my location in the world, Africa, Botswana, even though I know this last piece of info is likely to cause you to strip me off your list like others have done after this revelation!

If my feelings could talk, I would be more equipped to better express what a great thing your emails are to me!

Thank you trillion times.

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Our newsletter should go on because is is really helpful to all LeadsLeap members.

We got a lot of useful tips and guideline from this newsletter.

Keep on going …Long live Kenneth!! long live newsletter!!

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I like your no holds barred approach to the newsletter.

The advertising is subtle but effective. I like the incentive of a points system.

The newsletter not only offers helpful advice to the experienced marketer, but can also be understood by newbies alike. (newbie speaking – less than 4 months experience online)

Bitten by sharks several times, emotional roller coaster achieved, but still highly motivated and enjoying the buzz. Keep up the good work.

May I also take this opportunity to say, that I have received 4 referrals to LeadsLeap within my first week of being a member, I have also received 3 direct referrals to my program, that I am promoting.

This is averaging out at 1 referral every day.

Keep up the good work

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Peter Paterson ,

I enjoy your newsletter.

I have been doing this for over 6 years now so I know pretty much what is going on but I do learn little things here and there.

Your News Letter is reminding me of more things all of the time.

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Tim Clark , Oregon USA

The article is very good and useful for my future business preparation.

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First off I’m so very happy to be a member of LeadsLeap.This is truly the first lead generation membership with immediate results. Thank you for your great idea. Also I purchased IMBuzz last Sunday and caught the early buyer special and I also enjoy that product very much. I have a link for LeadsLeap in everyone of my software bundles that I’m sending out. Everyone wins with these two packages put together.

I’ll be excited to offer more chances to advertise my favorite membership. I’m working on a blog article which will be centered around LeadsLeap and I’ll forward the link once its posted. But don’t worry I’m already sporting a link to LeadsLeap. So if you could let us know how to obtain the additional packages we’ll keep the ball rolling.

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Ed States

I’ve been getting Very Good and Useful Information from the LeadsLeap Newsletter.

Pity the poor folks who don’t get this important information to help them succeed.

Keep up the good work and don’t stop sending those newsletters.

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I just felt touched by your sincerity shown through the advice. In internet marketing this humane feature can only be presented by Asians, at least this is what I have felt through the days and months. In articles written by Northern Americans, one thing you can feel most of the time is the desire for money.

You have done an excellent job and please keep going on and I am sure you will achieve great success, because as you said you like it.

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Patience Wang

I’m reading every newsletter I get and I’m never disappointed. I always find them to be informative and very useful. The bonuses are great, like the MP3 in this last issue.

I’m brand-spankin’ new to IM and I know I have a way to go before I actually see profit, but I’m absorbing all I can from many sources, so I’m sure it won’t be too long now. The LeadsLeap Newsletter always teaches me something new or puts me on track to find that information. I’m very happy with my membership and I know it’s one of my smarter moves.

Thank you for everything.

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I also think that your destiny lies with helping people make money. In my religion it seems that you will rewarded a whole lot more (I am not too sure how much, though) by helping people.

Speaking from past experience, you have helped me a WHOLE lot and I am encouraged to stay earning online for a long while.

I also understand that from your newsletter to make money is to spend some of it.

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Thanks a million!


Just want to give a feedback that I do read your LeadsLeap newsletters and find them very informative. Thank you.

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Hello Mr. Kenneth. You had wrote an excellent in4mations.

It helped me a lot about internet marketing.

I’m a newbie, with an experience less than one year. I really need your help. Please keep sending newsletters to me!!!

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James Clark

The content is pretty good in your part 3 newsletter. I like the little matrix viewer in the top left.

The ads in the newsletter is a cool concept. I always open them all to see what is going on within our netmarketeer industry.

Nice of you to include the mp3 as well ….thanks.

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Gene Butterly

I find your newsletter, clear and full of useful information. Your style is simple to read and certainly worth copying.

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Don McPhee

Well, Ken, Ill be honest. I have been getting the newsletter for about three weeks, and haven’t paid that much attention until now. I read an article recently that caught my eye, and I wrote to you asking if I could use it in my newsletter, which you said yes. that got me reading the rest of the emails…and I’m just familiarizing myself with your program now.

So far, I like what I see…still trying to grasp how I will use it, but I will.

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I find your newsletter to be very clear and insightful even for me, a newbie.

I have followed some of the tips given in newsletter #1 of this series and must say that you’re right on the money with the advice given.

#2 was just a little too high tech (newbie remember).

However, great stuff! looking forward for more……much more.

Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge.

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John Taylor

Your newsletter is good, and I appreciate the free gifts you provide!

Thank you. I am new to LeadsLeap but it’s a refreshing concept and I plan on sticking around. I still need to properly understand the whole thing though. With a bursting inbox and the distractions that daily surfing brings, it’s hard to keep on top of my reading.

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Brenda Gray

I have been with LeadsLeap for just a short while. Now I combine some other traffic sources and got a production of 223 leads and 9 upgrades in a very short time.

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Willie DeJarnette ,

I have to tell you I read 22 pages of the report you sent as a bonus and I think as someone new to the internet (I have been looking for a long time just don’t know what to do)

This was some of the best info I have read in a long time.

Thank You.

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Every since I have been affiliated with LeadsLeap it has been Fantastic, I am now really earning an income not a huge income but a small income, this is a better than where I was before SPENDING unnecessary funds that could have been put to a better use.

Remember small incomes build millions. LeadsLeap have really changed my whole outlook on my business, because at first I thought it was a scam, but, I sent out a small campaign and I immediately started to earn income, so don’t judge a book by its cover, LeadsLeap is an opportunity that Works.

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Richard ,

The ads to downline and ads to all seem to be working great because each day I’m getting a new signup from it to my special website where they join free and then I can email them weekly through the mailer.

This ads to all below is getting me at least 1 signup each day meaning my list grows each day and makes me money too. I’m also looking forward to the new additions to LeadsLeap you have coming to us 🙂 ………I have 58 so far so 42 to go 🙂

Thanks for being a responsive owner. I really appreciate it.

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Andre Zunde

I have started to learn internet marketing since July 07.

Spent on various E-books and it always stress that BUILDING A LIST IS THE 1st MOST IMPORTANT STEP to build a stable net biz. It’s TRUE!

I’ve never earn a cent or have a lead, until I join this system – LeadsLeap.

This is really great and I really appreciate the system and report I have learnt.

Well the old always say, No action = Nothing! Do SOMETHING! = RESULTS! SO GET INTO ACTION FOLKS!

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I joined a month ago as a pro member,from one ad campaign I received 17 signs-up and I referred 53 members 32 of them are active.

This is one of the best programs available it is helping you to build your list without receiving hundreds of emails from different members. Thank you very much Kenneth keep on helping your members.

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Jacqueline ,

From 0 members to over 200 in less than a week! And STILL Growing! LeadsLeap was instrumental in the massive growth of my latest launch. I will definitely be promoting my next launch through LL (along with a continued promotion of my existing sites 🙂 )

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Mark ,

Just taken a good look at your give-away script for OTO list building site. Outstanding! Thank you so very much for the gift. I intend to use it because it makes everything so easy, especially the admin area AND it comes complete with a built in auto-responder! Being a member of the LeadsLeap community pays off in many ways.

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Michael Searles ,

“Having been on the internet evaluating MANY different programs, it’s hard for me to express how extremely valuable LeadsLeap is. The best word that comes to mind is ‘CLEAN’! For a busy doctor like me, this is ‘the goods!’. If I could give it more than 10 out of 10, I would!”

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Dr. Marco Caravaggio ,

As an experienced marketer, I must compliment you on your $1000 outline that you have been putting in the newsletter. And, believe it or not, I too have received great benefit from it. It has taken me back to the basics and generated new ideas that I had not thought of before. For that, a huge THANK YOU!!! Guess old dogs can benefit too.

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Art ,

Just one ad posting has brought in over 150 sales – and that’s in just ONE WEEK! I still have a week left before I have to renew my ad! I figured LeadsLeap was just ‘another traffic exchange’ program that ends up on the Junk Mail folder in my email client. I couldn’t have been more wrong! The newsletter has been worth it’s weight in Gold with the great tools, products and information! And not having to ‘Login’ just to earn ad credits is an even bigger bonus! The ads are right in the email! Just click on the links and earn credits! I am currently a member of several “TE’s” and NONE of them can even come close to matching the perks and benefits of LeadsLeap! Keep up the great work guys! I know you will be bringing even MORE great tools online for us!

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Mark Hultgren ,

Thank you for the daily newsletters. I think you’re doing a great job! I like it because it isn’t like the ordinary newsletters I’m getting every day. I tried to figure out why your newsletter is so special and the only conclusion I get is because it’s helping me in forming my concepts, giving me the links to click on the same page as well as a login opportunity. Yes! Your newsletter is VERY helpful.

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I am an absolute, know-nothing newbie, and so I have been reading everything I can get my hands on and downloading whatever I can find. My fact-finding mission has taken me 3 months, but has left me with confusion alongside a better understanding of the industry. I have now started to unsubscribe from sites that give me no new information or always try to sell me the same things. However, I have to say that every newsletter that I have received from LeadsLeap, has been read where others have just been deleted; each one has been saved onto my hard drive and re-read.

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I stay subscribed because of the content in your newsletter which I believe will assist me in generating an income from home.

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John Jackson

I’ve been with LeadsLeap since the beginning and all I can say is WOW! Thanks to the new ad credits and marketing information, I’ve added 13 new quality leads in 2 days! This site is awesome and you just keep adding more and more resources and information! I’ve been marketing online for 8 years now and I’ve never seen anything like LeadsLeap!

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Rodney Coleman

Wow over 110 LeadsLeap signed up under me! With members building on 4 levels and a bunch of upgrades, I’m loving this site! Thanks Kenneth…I look forward to every issue of your e-zine…. every time it comes out I get hits and sign ups to my advertised sites. Keep up the awesome job!

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Jason Lamure ,

I have found LeadsLeap to be a terrific network marketing tool. I appreciate the viral blog, the convenience of getting quality information and updates by email, and the opportunity to direct visitors to my doorway page. Unlike most traffic exchanges, with LeadsLeap I don’t have to spend hours clicking on ads to earn credits.

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Melanie Kissell ,

Hi Kenneth! Thank you for your effort and your unique system as I’m tired or receiving tons of “not so useful” emails from other lead building program. With LeadsLeap, I now received very minimal emails and most of the emails are highly valued.

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V Chong ,

LeadsLeap is a great Traffic Generating program that I get results from. Your newsletter keep me informed of new and effective educational tools which are of great value to my business. I could not overlook the Customer/Admin relationship. There is always someone there to help at all times. Keep up the good work, LeadsLeap is a great place to advertise for results.

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Hortense Stewart